Traveling in style, sure, but to camp?

We drove along the Pacific Ocean on Highway 101.  The deep blue water sparkled in the sun, and we could hear the crashing waves below us.  On the other side of the road a deep forest covered hills.  To our delight, we’d spend the next three days here.

Cape Perpetua at Yachats, OR now ranks as one of the nicest campgrounds we’ve pitched our tent in.  We quickly found our reserved space in a little clearing in the woods for 2 tent sites.  The other space was still open. No neighbors yet. We set up our little 2-person Marmot tent and then strolled through the campground to see other sites and check out their setups.

We saw the usual vans, pickup trucks, and campers. The little Airstream nearby caught our eye, pretty neat. One of the largest RVs we’ve seen was wedged into its space with not an inch to spare at either end of the parking space.   We walked back to our site to finish setting up.

We glanced up, our jaws dropped.  Pulling into the parking space next to our old and battered 1995 Honda Civic rolled a truly beautiful car, a 1949 Plymouth Roadster.  The car pulled a little trailer for the tent and camping gear.  Now, this is the way to camp!




Butch and Carol travel in style.  Their tent was probably 10 times the size of ours.  While we sat at our backbreaking picnic table without bothering to set a campfire, they had a little table and chairs to pull up closer to their cozy campfire. Our “roughing it” contrasted with their comfortable ease and style.

We were reminded of a hiking trip we did years ago in the Italian Alps.  We were hiking in our mountain boots, heavy wool socks, bandanas, daypacks with water bottles, and carrying walking sticks.  Down the steep trail came an older woman from that area.  She was wearing her best dress and high heels – and was walking faster than we were!  She must have been on her way to church or to visit friends.  Her apparent comfort and fashionable style made us feel a bit silly.

Life is filled with choices and most people who camp – or hike – like to rough it.  Butch and Carol, like the Italian woman, chose the unexpected, with flair and great style.

July 2013

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6 Responses to Traveling in style, sure, but to camp?

  1. Oh, what a beauty! Love that color blue!

  2. leggypeggy says:

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. Most appreciated. I’m going to enjoy looking around yours too.

  3. janstring says:

    Thank you for liking my blog – it really is appreciated. If you like to keep active, how about when you travel around the world a little trip to The Perhentian Islands. There is a beach, a two minute trip away by boat from Mama’s Chalet – ask the owner Aziz to take you round to Turtle Beach, there you can snorkle with black tip reef sharks in the most beautiful clear water, allowing you to observe fantastic corals and other marine species. A highlight on our journey.Janice

  4. That is one very cool car. In Australia we have a term for that style of glamorous camping – glamping!

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