Travel photography: no extra travel required

Travel photography doesn’t require a major tourist site backdrop that screams to everyone at home, “I made it. I’m here!”   Travel photos can go beyond people in native costumes, flags, and directional signs.

As travelers, not tourists, we look for the simple things around us that will clearly represent to us, and maybe others, the places we have been. Years from now, when we sit back and look through our photos, these images will bring a smile to our faces and the remembrances of this place.

Joe spent time every day sitting on the 5th floor terrace of our AirBnB apartment in Madeira. He read and wrote but often gazed out to see boats in the harbor or a gull fly overhead. When he saw a moment he wanted to remember, out came his iPhone 4s.

The photos below were all snapped in those moments. For us, they clearly are travel mementos of Madeira.










IMG_2315 - Version 2



August 2014

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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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11 Responses to Travel photography: no extra travel required

  1. Wonderful images and a marvelous perspective!! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. We like to think of ourselves as travellers too and it’s the special memories captured by those quick photos that stay with us. I’m enjoying your journey.

  3. TonyJ2 says:

    Good approach with bring travellers rather than tourists. And AirBnB, have just got into it with 3 very successful stays in Eastern USA. Primarily using AirBnB in next month’s travel through The Netherlands, Northern Belguim and Brittany France.

  4. My wife and I often put all our travel photos on a big screen, put on some music and let the memories glide by. It is one of our favourite things to do, next to travelling of course!

  5. heartart2014 says:

    I really enjoy reading about and seeing your travel adventures. Traveling is not something I want to do during my upcoming Golden years (except a trip in a camper van throughout the USA and Canada Parks) but it is a pleasure to travel vicariously through your blog. I loved the museums photos. Just like being there myself! I also agree that your photos of your travels should reflect what interests you and will bring you the fondest memories as a result. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cliff Mail says:

    keep snapping the moments, enjoy them a lot. Where are you heading next?

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