A wet gift bag

Who wants a soggy gift bag?  We do!

Joshua and Tanya arrived for dinner with a gift bag in hand for us.  The cool wet feel of the canvas promised good things to come.

“Very nice of you,” we said as we took the wet cloth bag.  “Wow!” we said as we peered into a bag filled with just-picked organic produce.  Ok, we watch “Portlandia” too, so go ahead and make those snarky remarks about things Portland, but listen to this.

Out came sweet smelling basil, crisp lettuce, many varieties of tasty tomatoes, carrots, crisp green beans, and even more vegetables such as yellow pattypan squash, plus a mini watermelon at the bottom of the bag, trying unsuccessfully to escape through the bottom of the bag.  (The wet bag is to keep the veggies fresh during transport on Joshua’s Bullitt cargo bike.)

DSC05983 What a gift!  The bag was from Our Table, an organic farm in Sherwood, OR,  self-described as “a cooperative of farmers and producers creating handcrafted, thoughtful and delicious food.”  (OK, how can food be “thoughtful?”  Does a pattypan squash have consciousness?  We don’t know.) The Farm has CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares delivered weekly for pickup by subscribers in designated neighborhoods.  Our son, Joshua, is one of the farmers at Our Table.

We’ve been traveling for many months on the road, frequently eating out (and we won’t glorify it by calling it “dining”). After all our roadside eating these past months, happiness is an abundance of farm fresh, organic vegetables delivered to our door in a soggy bag.

August 2014

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  1. Mmmm, how delicious. Lucky you!

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