Grab a pencil and check off the list

We’ve traveled (a lot) and know some places (not usually on most people’s radar) that deserve a big shiny star for making their town a better place to be (and worthy of a visitor stopping by).

Case in point: Everett, WA. (“Where?” you may well ask.) We ended up discovering Everett on a visit with old friends, Ron and Carol. When we arrived we had no particular interest in seeing the town; we were just there to visit our friends. Then Carol took us for a short walk in the neighborhood. Here’s what we saw:


Public art

A great old public library

A great old public library

…and a soaring new addition

…and a soaring new addition

Community art space

Community art space

…and more public art

…and more public art

What’s on our list for locations worthy of a stop? We look for a place of interest – whether setting of the place (Flagstaff, AZ), historical site (Kyoto, Japan), architecture (Barcelona, Spain), or arts (Marfa, TX). We’re apt to choose a place with unique services – whether it’s independent stores and restaurants (Two Sisters, OR); a good library (Bend, OR); or museums (Washington, DC).

We take out our pencils to scratch off places not pedestrian friendly or filled with either chain restaurants or stores.

So, when we visit a place that deserves recognition (and that includes you, Everett, WA!) we’re happy to include you on our list for a shiny star of merit. Thanks to Carol and Ron for introducing us to Everett.


August 2015


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Beth and Joe enjoy simple travel.
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2 Responses to Grab a pencil and check off the list

  1. Jack Malinowski says:

    Wonderful account of how public libraries serve the mind and spirit! The Everett, WA library is indeed a gem.
    Your “Voyage of Discovery” – as in Lewis and Clark – aka simpletravelourway – continues to be a delight to read and savor.

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